Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minor Groups Of Canonical Daosist Texts

Minor Groups Of Canonical Daosist Texts Cover
1. Taixuan (Great Mystery) (Mostly Meditation)
Originally included the Daode Jing, Zhuang Zi, and Lie Zi. This material was moved to Dongzhen group in Tang dynasty. In today's canon this section is largely devoted to texts of Internal Alchemy (meditation), including the Cantong Ji and the Huang Di Nei Jing. The section also includes the Yunji Qiqian (Canon 3). Some works of the External Alchemy (chemical alchemy) are also here.
2. Taiping (Great Balance) (Mostly charms and rituals)
Includes the Taiping Jing, as well as some Lingbao charms and rituals.
3. Taiqing (Great Pure) (Mostly Non-Daoist Writers)
This section is largely given over in the modern canon to writers who are not normally classified as Daoists, including Mo zi, Sun zi, Hanfei zi, &c. Also here (perhaps to deny its assertion of authorship by Laozi) is the Taishang Ganying Pian, and the Baopu Zi.
4. Zhengyi (Orthodox Unity) also written Zhengyi) (Mostly Liturgy of the Celestial Masters Sect)
Includes the Zhengyi Mengwei Lu (Registers of the Classic Orthodox Practice), used by the Celestial Masters Sect (Tianshi Dao, as well as rituals and charms associated with Celestial Master Daoism. A few Shangqing scriptures are also placed here.

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