Monday, September 28, 2009

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening Cover

Book: The Great Awakening by Michael Sharp

What a pleasure this book is! For those taking their tentative first steps along "The Path," Michael Sharp outlines clearly, concisely, and in no uncertain terms some of the critical basic (and not so basic) steps appropriate to incorporate into your daily routine in order to facilitate your process. For the rest of us, it's still a more than worthwhile refresher course - I caught myself saying, "Oh, yeah, that's did I forget to do that every day?" more than once, and I've been doing this for a while! Definitely a must have in every aspiring ascender's library! Deb, SunDiskScribes

After pondering the messages in Michael Sharp’s books I discovered a rather profound realization. The human race is constantly looking backwards. Have you been searching for ancient wisdom, researching long standing religions, joining secret societies, traveling the planet for clues, or practicing methods and techniques pasted down from our ancestors? There is a very common belief that the wisdom of the ages can be accessed by looking into the messages of the past but I would like to suggest there is another way. The new belief is that you have the capability to establish the same connection to an all?knowing consciousness that the ancient prophets and masters utilized. This point in time is unique and you no longer need to look any further than your own personal spiritual instinct. Michael’s material is designed to stretch your awareness, expand your consciousness, shift your limiting belief system, clear your emotional blocks, balance your feminine and masculine aspects, reawaken your non?physical sense, and generally give you simple techniques to create a quiet and peaceful mind. I know the laundry list of items mentioned above sounds crazy from a human perspective, but I have experienced all of that and more. These books are spot on. Rod Nelson

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