Sunday, November 1, 2009

All The Names Of The Lord

All The Names Of The Lord Cover

Book: All The Names Of The Lord by Valentina Izmirlieva

This book, like a baby monster, was in gestation for fifteen long years, during which it accumulated many debts. Some of the people who helped me nurse it to life are no longer here to acceptmy acknowledgments; others are probably so tired of the book that they would not want to hear anymore about it. I should know better than to list all their names in a book that regards comprehensive lists as precariously ambitious. Conforming to the rules of the game, I will mention only some. All of them-the nameless with the named-have my deepest gratitude.

Ideas that eventually found their way into this book have been presented at various scholarly centers, most notably the Osteuropa-Institut at the Free University of Berlin, the Slavic Department and the Department of religious Studies at Northwestern University, the Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Columbia University, the Seminar on Slavic history and Culture at Columbia University, and the Department of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies at Sofia University in Bulgaria. I am in debt to my receptive audiences in all these venues.

This book about thingsmagical andmystical has had its fair share of serendipity, never more conspicuous than in the final phase of its promotion (which is perhaps fitting, since it is also a book about the social promotion of texts). My entire experience with the University of Chicago Press and the Harriman Publication Series has been a blessing. The present version of the book has benefited much from the competent advice of Elizabeth Branch Dyson and Ron Meyer, and from the technical assistance of Mary Fahnestock-Thomas. To David Brent, who has championed this project through thick and thin all the way to production, I owe much more than I can possibly express. - Valentina Izmirlieva

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