Sunday, November 29, 2009

Deities Of Taoism

Deities Of Taoism Cover n Taoism the system of deities is very complicated and becomes larger and larger. So it is important to find appropriate ranks for this big growing group.

Ranking standards are in accordance with the degree of Taoism study and contribution. The more profound one's Taoist knowledge is the higher rank he will attain. The most important Gods are the San Qing (Three Pure Gods). They are Yu Qing (Jade Pure), Shang Qing (Upper Pure) and Tai Qing (Great Pure). Below the Three Pure Gods, there exist the four holy emperors among whom Yu Huang (Jade Emperor) comes first. 'Houtu Mother', is a female God who dominates child bearing affairs is also included. Some Taoist temples have been specially set up as Houtu temples to worship her. A number of deities come next to them and are in charge of different affairs. Among them, ordinary people may be familiar with God of Wind, God of Rain, God of Fire, God of Town and God of Earth, all closely related to their daily life.

The eight immortals are adored by the Chinese people. Their trumps or cimelia are called the 'Eight Treasures'. You can find a lot of pictures describing how they use these treasures to cross the sea. The San Guan (the Three Officials), are the Official of Heaven who blesses people, Official of Earth who gives absolution, and Official of Water who wards off disasters.

Like Taoism itself, the system of Taoism deities is close to people. Once you know the rank rules, it is not too difficult to understand.

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