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The Tao Of Daily Life The Mysteries Of The Orient Revealed

The Tao Of Daily Life The Mysteries Of The Orient Revealed Cover

Book: The Tao Of Daily Life The Mysteries Of The Orient Revealed by Derek Lin

The perfect book for readers who are interested in Taoism and want a little daily inspiration. This book has given me a large amount of understanding and inspiration in my own life. It is well written so that those of any religion (or lack of) can greatly benefit from its wisdom. The author even states this in the book.

I would put this book at the top of the list for anyone wanting to help move past the daily trivialities and frustrations that can inhibit our lives. This is also a perfect companion to applying the Tao Te Ching to the daily life.

The Tao of Daily Life combines ancient Eastern wisdom with practical application-perfect for busy Western readers! Derek Lin, Taoist master and expert in Eastern philosophy, brings his deep knowledge of this time-honored Chinese spiritual thought system into the twenty-first century. "There is one simple reason for the Tao to have survived through the ages intact: it works," writes Lin. "The principles of the Tao are extremely effective when applied to life. The philosophy as a whole is nothing less than a practical, useful guide to living life in a way that is smooth, peaceful, and full of energy." Using the powerful medium of stories and short dharma talks, Lin illuminates the Taoist secrets and engages the reader in their inherent wisdom. As a result, the reader of The Tao of Daily Life will notice certain changes, including:

- being more composed and more at ease in various situations; - being able to handle challenges and difficulties with less effort and achieving better results; - experiencing greater power and clarity in all areas of life.

The spiritual journey, as described by Derek Lin, becomes the most worthwhile exploration anyone can take.

For anyone curious about Taoism or even for the person who has followed the way for many years, this is an excellent, well-written book that clearly illustrates the important philosophies of Taoism. There's nothing preachy or pretentious about The Tao of Daily Life. It's more like talking with an old friend - simply the best modern Taoist book I've read and is a more-than-worthy supplement to the original Tao Te Ching.

Derek Lin is the director of Tao studies at the Great Tao Foundation of America, based in El Monte, California. Lin is an active speaker and educator on the Tao Te Ching as well as Tao spirituality in general. In his spare time, he serves as the webmaster of, a leading resource for the Tao on the Internet. He is also the author of Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained, an original translation that not only sets a new standard for accuracy, but also has been lauded by critics as the first to faithfully capture the lyrical beauty of the original.

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