Thursday, December 10, 2009

Demons Of The Flesh

Demons Of The Flesh Cover

Book: Demons Of The Flesh by Nicolas Schreck

The book before you is a guide in the sense that it will escort you on a journey. The route we will be taking passes through vistas of strange beauty and across perilous chasms. It is known as the left-hand path. Few have traveled this road, and fewer still have reached its final, distant destination. Unfortunately, most previously available maps of this mysterious terrain have been drafted by those who have never even stepped upon the path. Yet they'll warn you of the terrible dangers confronted along the way, suggesting that its arduous passage only leads to the darkest of dead-ends. Such faulty cartographers will caution you that the only souls to be encountered on this ill-lit thoroughfare are fools, lunatics, scoundrels, and thieves. (Indeed, there may be some truth to that last admonition, but the born adventurer will not be dissuaded so easily.)

The world is filled with people who have devoured a thousand magical books and yet have never performed a single genuine act of magic. So prevalent is this phenomenon that the syndrome has even earned itself a name: the armchair magician. It is certainly not our intention to breed through this book something even worse – the bedside sex magician. Assuming that you are reading this as an introductory overview of left-hand path sex magic, and not simply as a perverse amusement, the principles outlined herein should be enacted in your own flesh, through action in the real world, as opposed to cerebral abstraction.

Although we ourselves are practicing left-hand path sex magicians, this book is in no sense designed as a medium of conversion or as a recruitment device. As we will make clear, the left-hand path is, for all of its anti-authoritarian elements, very much an elitist form of initiation. By this, we do not mean that left-hand path adepts necessarily consider themselves to be superior to the uninitiated – only that the sinister current is not for all, and can never be a path for the millions. Reading this book may well clarify for you that you would be ill-suited for this school of initiation.

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