Monday, December 7, 2009

Religion Belief Islamic Fundamentalism

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Canada Wages Jihad On Itself

"And for them are WHIPS OF IRON" - Quran 22:21

The ever liberal Canadians are importing Muslims at a hectic pace. Seems they just can't get enough. Canada, similar to Europe, is rapidly transitioning into an Islamic nation. Ever willing to show how liberal they are (until the bitter end) Canadians are now adopting the Islamic fundamentalist Sharia code into their banking system.

With some of the first Sharia banks soon to open in Canada politically correct westerners once again show how little they value their cultural heritage - the same heritage which is the basis of their freedom, and prosperity.

Soon Canadian Muslims will be able to avoid the commingling of their Godly money with the Devil money of the infidels whose nations they are rapidly colonizing.

I don't believe we in the United States should be so critical of the millions of Hispanic immigrants (even illegal) into this nation. There may be a language barrier, but they don't see themselves as too good to use the evil Judeo-Christian banking system in use around the world.


Conversion A One Way Street

My recommendation: For every million Islamic immigrants allowed into the West a million Westerners should move into an Islamic nation. We should be allowed to start our own churches, banks, and micro-economies within those nations.

Don't think that will happen? Why not? Oh yes, they'd never allow it.

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