Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Religion

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Dr Al Shahin (Head of the Department of Archaeology in Cairo) said that there is a theory which does not exclude that the technology found in the pyramid at Giza - "not of this world." He said this during an interview with the Polish delegate, Marek Nowak, that there may be some truth to that alien beings helped build the pyramids at Giza. And although he refuses to confirm or clarify the information, news conference where he presented this information, all plunged into shock. Secret files KGB from the '60s, seems to allude to the same conclusion as in the tombs of the pyramid are fixed humanoid body, as well as something similar to them.

There is evidence supporting the possibility that the stranger was a pharaoh. In the writings of ancient Egypt are often contained stories about the opening of the sky and coming down the lights. Lights brought the people who gave the Egyptians technology and taught them wisdom, and created a royal line. There are other stories about these fires, which raised the land of mud and water, and a possible allusion to the formation of pyramids. They named the pyramids rise Zepi Tep (first time). Of course, in his writings, the Egyptians worshiped these beings as gods, forming a polytheistic religion. One part of the written records says that these beings traveled across the sky in a boat, just as the sun god Ra drags across the sky.

The ancient Egyptian religion existed for a long time, until the advent of Christianity. They also believed that their pharaohs were gods on earth. Perhaps their faith was so strong, because they knew it was true. In any case, there is some interesting evidence that, perhaps, the pyramids and the technology that created them, had not an earthly origin or nature. 2011 Abduction Secret KGB files. This video is moderated by Roger Moore discusses the evidence linking the KGB to the study of UFOs since World War II. It also considered a possible alien involvement in building the pyramids?

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