Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jainism In India After Lord Mahavira

Jainism In India After Lord Mahavira Cover
This religion flourished in Magadha and elsewhere because of the strong rulers at Pataliputra. At the time of Alexander the Great's invasion on the borders of the Magadha Empire, it was the Jain rulers who were in firm control at Pataliputra. Alexander's forces were tired and did not advance any further to challenge this empire.

Many centuries later, there was a famine in Magadha and it led to mass migration of the population to South India (present day Karnataka) and after some time, another migration took place to Gujarat (Girnar). The first group was called Svetambars because they started wearing white clothes, whereas the other ones (Digambars). These were strict and not willing to change. A third influential group developed after migration from Bihar to near Mathura, which tried to patch up between these two groups for a long time. Udaygiri (Orrisa) was also, one of the important Jain centres. In the olden days, this religion was also practised in Sri Lanka. All of this happened approximately 2000 years back.

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