Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Vedic Prophecies A New Look Into The Future

The Vedic Prophecies A New Look Into The Future Cover

Book: The Vedic Prophecies A New Look Into The Future by Stephen Knapp

This book is very in-depth, covering not just the Vedic tradition, but other ones as well, since many traditions over-lap the Vedic prophecies, particularly Jesus Christ and Revelations, the book is truly unique. I actually sold this book to a friend while not yet finished with it who was interested and bought another one. Then a friend misplaced that copy (also unfinished) and I bought yet another one. The book is very interesting.

The book also provides shades on a lots of prevailing thoughts/beliefs about how the latter have been distorted with times. An example being the Taj Mahal which is believed to be the Proof of Love of a King for his queen but in fact, it's supposed to be a TEMPLE. You will surely love reading it... Good Reading....

The book does contain "unedited" teachings of the cycles of the world/universe and preditions of the future and even what some of the prophecies that have occurred. It is also a very good reference that puts together a lot of the stories that many people have heard of and are now in danger of being forgotten.

For me, it even served as a historical reference. Much the first few pages explain the different incarnations of God/teachers and what their roles were. This list includes Krishna, Rama, Buddha and most of the others. That is something that I have had difficulty finding elsewhere.

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