Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yoga For The Body Buddhism For The Heart

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Yoga is a total-body workout that will tone and slim more than you might think. JILLIAN MICHAELS'S TOP POSES - LEARN TO LOVE YOGA - 5 LOW-INTENSITY WORKOUTS - WHAT IS YOGA, EXACTLY?


This Wheel of Life ("Samsara") represents all of existence. ["Heaven" is the Deva Realm.] The center axis represents Buddha consciousness, the transcendent fullness of wisdom and compassion. As the wheel turns within the jaws of death, life becomes experiences within each of the dimensions, churned by greed, hatred, and ignorance [delusion].

As Buddha's visionary experience provided a foundation for his awakening, I will interpret and expand upon details of this journey. Since the experience encompasses dimensions related to all existence, mystics throughout the world have somehow connected to these realms.

(Aspects of spiritual experiences are often interpreted from personal perceptions within a cultural and religious context.)

...Within the completeness of perfection, [the Buddha] saw the beauty of everything within life. The simplest rocks appeared like the most valuable metals or jewels. Water seemed to flow through everything, connecting a source of light within all forms. Plants, animals, and humans interacted with joyous harmony. How could he possibly describe this fullness of bliss? Waves of love washed within each breath.

by Aaron Scot

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