Wednesday, March 24, 2010

History Of The Conflict Between Religion And Science

History Of The Conflict Between Religion And Science Cover

Book: History Of The Conflict Between Religion And Science by John William Draper

I found this to be an amazing book, comparable to HG Well's Outline of History. Before I read it I checked on the biography of the author, as I wanted to make sure he had the intellectual standing to write such a book before I invested my time in it. He does. You can check him on Wikipedia. He is contemporary (1881) with great events regarding the relationship between science and religion, yet everything he covers is applicable in today's world. He recognized the importance of the conflicts that were emerging and investigated the history of the relationship between science and religion, observed their present state, and makes what turns out to be very accurate predictions of exactly the situation we are in today. I am a student of history and I could find no fault with his presentation of historical facts, though he presents them in a context is unique to him at that time.

With the publication of Stephen Hawkin's book, "The Grand Design" we are seeing a replay of the same conflict again between a static belief system and a system that is constantly expanding, making Draper's book all the more relevant in understanding just what is happening and why.

As a plus, the author is an excellent writer of his time and I enjoyed his civility, and how he uses his words. A great relief from the "yell at you" style that seems popular now. If anyone is interested in a well thought out and intelligently presented explanation of why civilization finds itself in the conflicts we see everyday in the news, I recommend this work.
BTW the University of Va. has a copy of this book in it's online library. I'd recommend reading the preface there to see if you'd like it. May be able to get a sample on the Kindle also.

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