Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kabbalah Revealed

Kabbalah Revealed Cover

Book: Kabbalah Revealed by Rabbi Michael Laitman

I am delighted and honored to have been asked to write the Introduction to Dr. Laitman’s Kabbalah Revealed: The Ordinary Person’s Guide to a More Peaceful Life. Not only is the author a dear personal friend, he is, in my view, the
foremost Kabbalist alive today, a genuine representative of a wisdom that has been kept secret for two millennia. Now that the wisdom of Kabbalah, among other indigenous wisdoms, is emerging full scale, I believe no other person
is better suited to expound on its essence. In today’s world, the emergence of Kabbalah as an authentic means of Instruction is of unique significance. It can help us regain awareness of the wisdom that our forefathers possessed, and which we have forgotten.

It is my heartfelt recommendation to read carefully through this book, as it provides much more than general Knowledge about an ancient wisdom. It also provides a key to ensure the well-being of humanity in these critical times, when we face the unprecedented challenge of choosing between the devolutionary path leading to worldwide breakdown, and the evolutionary path that can bring us to a world of peace, harmony, well-being, and sustainability. Ervin Laszlo

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