Friday, April 16, 2010


Supernature Cover

Book: Supernature by Lyall Watson

The subject matter of most of this book is so controversial that I have felt it necessary to give detailed references to all my sources of information. These appear as numbers in the text, which refer to the bibliography. Most are papers published in reputable journals, and where I have myself not been able to check the findings, I have had to rely on the fact that most editors send material to expert referees before accepting it for final publication. Wherever possible, I have consulted the original source material and found that this paid huge dividends. A report in Scientific American of March 1965, for instance, under the title 'Eyeless Vision Unmasked', claimed that Rosa Kuleshova was a fraud and that 'peeking is easy, according to those who understand mentalist acts'.

This natural history of the supernatural is designed to extend the traditional five senses into areas where others have been operating undercover. It is an attempt to fit all nature, the known and the unknown, into the body of Supernature and to show that, of all the faculties we possess, none is more important at this time than a wide-eyed sense of wonder. Lyall Watson, Ph.D. Ios, Greece, 1971

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