Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Is Occultism

What Is Occultism Cover

Book: What Is Occultism by Dion Fortune

In What is Occultism? Dion Fortune offers the reader an in-depth look at what occultism can be to the rational and well-trained practitioner. She presents a clear discussion, sweeping aside our cultural assumptions and stereotypes. Fortune is able to place occultism in its proper place as a philosophy that, while it retains religious overtones, employs scientific and rational methodology to explore the meaning of life. Fortune reveals the heart of occult ethics and ideals, that occult research seeks to aid people in achieving enlightenment. She discusses karma, psychism, astrology, numerology, occult societies and fraternities, and the study of past lives. Revised edition of Sane Occultism.

Dion Fortune's What Is Occultism? was first published in 1929 and here appears in a new edition with a new introduction by Gareth Knight. Readers receive a basic treatise on the elements of occultism and its connections to spiritual enlightenment. Very highly recommended for all serious students of metaphysical studies.

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