Sunday, May 2, 2010

Materialism And Allah

Materialism And Allah Cover "Islam is a monotheistic religion centered on the belief that the Human Species were created with the sole purpose of worshipping Allah, the Islamic supreme God. A Muslim must always seek to worship the creator, and not the creation, therefore worshipping Allah, and not the Material world. This abstraction is seen as good, whereas the worship of material things is the utmost evil.

It highly obvious that the Islamic Shaitan (or Shaytan) is a being that promotes the non-existence of Allah, or at least one who worships himself (as the only true existential object) instead of his own creator. The Church of Satan KALAM is a religion of self worship and it is named to reflect that fact. The highest opposition to Allah is Satan, where a Satanist worships and self and denies Allah the respect or time of day. [...]

The Church Of Satan represents the Shayatin (Islamic plural of 'Satan') of the Islamic religion: The source of its evil, which is the devotion of Human life TO Human life and not to any externalized creator."

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