Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Atheists Reject God What They Fear

Why Atheists Reject God What They Fear Cover Many conservative Christians state that Atheists reject God because of an ulterior motive. They argue that if Atheists were to accept God's existence, then they would have to yield to God's criticism of their profoundly immoral behavior, and adopt a higher moral standard to govern their lives. We have seen numerous references to this conviction published on the Internet and broadcast over conservative Christian radio programs. Some are quite abusive and do not reflect well on the authors' religion. Examples are:
bullet John Blanchard wrote that:

"What is certain is that those who want to live godless, self-centered lives have a vested interest in keeping God out of their thoughts."

bullet Dr. John Bechtle of attacks everyone who does not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. This presumably includes Atheists, liberal Christians and many others. He wrote:

"Each generation rejects more and more Scripture, as it gets in the way of their own opinions."

bullet Citizens for the Ten Commandments gives the following definition of Atheism:

"the instance or act of deploring and fighting against morality, Christianity and God while buffering oneself behind the fanciful notion of the non-existence of God, and often Satan, in order to avoid the appearance of the inevitable linkage with Satan." 3 [Spelling errors corrected]

bullet An anonymous spokesperson at the Citizens for the Ten Commandments believes that Satan lures people into Atheism so that the latter will feel free to engage in immoral activities:

"Since Satan wants to make mankind more comfortable in performing deeds God will punish them for, Satan, likewise feeds them the deception that God doesn't exist. This is his tactic to make them feel more free to practice the evil deeds they will be punished for." [Spelling errors corrected]

bullet Tim Gorski, of The North Texas Church of Freethought, himself an Atheist, repeats a statement that he hears often from Theists:

"But without God there can be no absolute morality. That's the real reason for Atheism. It's nothing more than wanting to be your own god so you can do whatever you want."

bullet "Jalandoak" writes that Atheists:

"...don't believe in the Bible, because they have a problem with authority. God being the ultimate authority, oppresses them, and they can't be 'free thinkers'. This depresses them, and finally they reject God's reality to make themselves feel better. By living their own way, and not following God's laws, they no longer feel guilt."

bullet An author from the Believers' Church wrote:

"... 'being an atheist' is not really about what a person believes, but about what they want to do, or not do. They just don't want to answer to God -- as they perceive Him. They don't want to follow the rules God would give. They want to be free to do whatever they choose, which is tragic."

bullet Chuck Baldwin, writing for The Covenant News, and referring to religious liberals stated:

"The bottom line is, men [sic] are looking for a reason to not be held accountable for their conduct. If there is no absolute truth, there can be no absolute standard of righteousness by which men are judged. In short, everyone may do what he or she feels is right."

bullet "Tracy" of writes that Atheists:

"... want to control their own lives and not submit to the Lord. They are actually rather tragic figures just like any other unsaved individual. It is hard to live out their atheism--if they did, they'd actually be considered crazy ..."

bullet Hugh and Kathy Ross have a different interpretation. They attribute Atheism to a fear of ridicule and loss. They wrote in their essay on The Creation Date Controversy:

"In the anti-Christian academics we see the fear of having to take the Gospel into careful consideration. That's just too risky for those terrified by the prospect of peer ridicule and rejection, terrified to face the losses that might accompany a change to Christian values and morals through a relationship with Christ."

bullet According to Steve Hays:

"Unbelievers deny the existence of God because that gives them sexual license. Unbelievers deny the existence of God because they're afraid of divine judgment."

It might be worth mentioning again that many -- perhaps most -- Atheists do not believe that Gods, Goddesses, Satan, demons and angels do not exist. They merely have no belief in them. They find no evidence that either proves or disproves their existence. To some, the concept of God makes no sense.

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