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The Aurum Solis

The Aurum Solis Cover

Book: The Aurum Solis by Melita Denning

Aurum Solis, Gold of the Sun, is a magical order founded in England in 1897 by George Stanton and Charles Kingold which claims descent from the Ogdoadic Tradition of the Western Mystery Tradition[1]. It is best known through the published works of two of its leaders, Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski. Better known by their pseudonyms, Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips, the husband and wife team together authored many books on different aspects of magical practice, such as Astral Projection and Creative Visualization, as well as their seminal work outlining the corpus of the Aurum Solis and the Ogdoadic Tradition, The Magical Philosophy.

Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips are the pen-names of Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski, who together authored many books in the early days of Llewellyn Publications, chief among which is the formal presentation of the Order Aurum Solis' philosophy and praxis: The Magical Philosophy. Phillips began to receive magical training at the age of 16 from Ernest Page. For some time in the early 1970s, he was the head of the Aurum Solis psychic investigation team. Phillips was also a pupil of U Maung Maung Ji, a lecturer in Eastern philosophies, who worked with the UN Secretary-General U Thant.

Melita Denning was the first female Grand Master of the Aurum Solis, from 1976 to 1997. At one point Denning spent about six years traveling throughout and gathering occult knowledge, chiefly from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. These studies led her to discover the work of the Aurum Solis on kindred matters. She studied Jungian psychology under Buntie Wills, herself a student of C. G. Jung's friend Toni Sussman. Denning was invested Dame d'Honneur, OMCT, in 1968 by the Geneva Grand Priory of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple. She was also friends with Olivia Robertson, the founder of the Fellowship of Isis, since they were young women. Denning spoke English, French, Italian and Latin.Around 1971, Denning and Phillips began working with Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. Around 1979 they moved to the United States. In June 1982 they were consecrated Autocephalous Bishops of the Paracletian Church by Herman Adrian Spruit, the founder of the Church of Antioch. In 1983, they both consecrated Carl Weschcke into the same bishopric. Around 1984, they began working with William Stoltz and initiated him into the First Hall. On 8 July 1987, Denning and Phillips retired from the Aurum Solis, and Weschcke became the Grand Master. Yet on 23 June 1988 both resumed office at the unanimous request of the members; Denning as Grand Master and Phillips as Administrator-General.

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