Monday, July 19, 2010

Beliefs Of Jainism

Beliefs Of Jainism Cover 1. I believe in the spiritual lineage of the 24 Tirthankaras ("ford-makers") of whom the ascetic sage Mahavira was the last -- that they should be revered and worshiped above all else.
2. I believe in the Sacredness of all life, that one must cease injury to sentient creatures, large and small, and that even unintentional killing creates karma.
3. I believe that God is neither Creator, Father nor Friend. Such human conceptions are limited. All that may be said of Him is: He is.
4. I believe that each man's soul is eternal and individual and that each must conquer himself by his own efforts and subordinate the worldly to the heavenly in order to attain moksha, or release.
5. I believe the conquest of oneself can only be achieved in ascetic discipline and strict religious observance, and that nonascetics and women will have their salvation in another life (Digambara sect).
6. I believe that the principle governing the successions of life is karma, that our actions, both good and bad, bind us and that karma may only be consumed by purification, penance and austerity.
7. I believe in the Jain Agamas and Siddhantas as the sacred Scriptures that guide man's moral and spiritual life.
8. I believe in the Three Jewels: right knowledge, right faith and right conduct.
9. I believe the ultimate goal of moksha is eternal release from samsara, the "wheel of birth and death," and the concomitant attainment of Supreme Knowledge.

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