Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heaven And Hell

Heaven And Hell Image

Book: Heaven And Hell by Emmanuel Swedenborg

Originally published anonymously in Latin as De Coelo et Ejus Mirabilibus, et de Inferno, ex Auditis et Visis (London, 1758). Translated by George F. Dole for the Swedenborg Foundation's New Century Edition. © 2000 by the Swedenborg Foundation, Inc. All rights are reserved by the Swedenborg Foundation.

This downloadable version includes the entire Dole 2000 translation, and nothing but the Dole 2000 translation, of Swedenborg's original (Swedenborg Foundation: West Chester, Pa., 2000). It is intended solely for personal use. This file was derived electronically from the typeset version but has not been proofread against the printed text. Some characters may not have converted accurately. For a hardcover or paperback volume of the same work that includes introductions, diagrams, bibliographies, notes, and indices, order the New Century Edition Heaven and Hell from the Swedenborg Foundation.

Download Emmanuel Swedenborg's eBook: Heaven And Hell

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