Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sympathy For Atheists

Sympathy For Atheists Image
For some unknown reason, I have a deep sympathy for atheists. I don't know why, but I do love those who are consciously atheist, those who think about the idea of God and somehow ends up atheist. To be honest, is God idea so simple to undetand ? The answer is no. The Ultimate Reality (that is God in religious term) is beyond word, is un-thinkable, beyond any imagination. According to Quran, And there is none comparable unto Him (Quran, Chapter 112, 004) and human mind always understand by comparison. What is infinite, what is not comparable can not be comprehended by logic. So, why blame those atheist who say we don't believe in God? They are just honest to their reasoning.. but only thing is God is beyond that which they want to measure up.

I think atheist people are more truthful to their belief that many so called believer who only show up without any real inner spirituality.

In Islam, there is an unique statement of faith for believers (by declaring that, one becomes a Muslim, one who submits him or herself to God), it says, "There is no god but One True God" and interestingly an atheist actually believe in the first part which is negation of all falsewhood (There is no god or deity worthy of worshiping). It is at least halfway to the truth than those who think they believe into something blindly but their heart never open up to the truth, to the whole philosophy of the belief they believe in.

I bought a new book title, "Why I don't believe in God" by an Indian writer, Probir Ghosh ( a prominent personality of Indian Freethinker movement ) and gonna read it. The idea that atheist holds fascinates me because the concept of God is so great, you can't blame them when they fail to realize. Because God and God-Cosciousness is something to realize and to uderstand by heart. Not something like 2+2=4.

May all the atheist in the world may reach the Truth which is only veiled by false self or ego. Let them realize the Truth and the ultimate Reality which is behind everything.[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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