Monday, February 14, 2011

Essays In Satanism

Essays In Satanism Cover

Book: Essays In Satanism by James Sass

This is an extremely well written book from one of the greatest minds in Satanism, and is absolutely essential to anyone at all interested in the religion.

It acts as both a practical manual for LIVING LIFE, as well as a portrait for a well-worn Satanist who was clearly raised in the world as it is and not in some adolescent, sugar-coated fantasy land. Magister Sass stories are not only important, but they are a whole lot of fun, too, and I found myself laughing aloud more than a few times while reading this book. It expands on some of the most important ideas behind Satanism, and elaborates on some of the supposedly "grey" areas that are so often brought up by the curious. It mercilessly attacks the feeble, though in a well thought out, productive manner; there is not a rant or curse thrown out in a childish fit here, and Magister Sass is clearly not interested in purposely trying to be "edgy", or "cool". His balls-to-the-wall attitude seems to stem from his experiences and his knowledge alone, and when he puts his nose to the grindstone on these issues, it never comes off as being arbitrary or superficial.

Magister James D. Sass is a sterling example of what it means to have studied! I am not just referring simply to subjects common to the world of academia, but also the full gamut of alternative subjects related to the human animal and its variations of behavior, most of which are subjects that nobody is willing to talk about or even acknowledge. His writings and keen observations over the years are those of an engaging Satanic master who has devoured literally tons of lore throughout his life through his love of books. He has gained an uncompromising Satanic street sense through the varied experiences of his very interesting and sometimes macabre past. Here is wisdom and observation firmly grounded in Satanic bedrock from a true outsider! One who was born that way!

Apart from his essays dealing with specific topics, he also outlines the beginnings of "Project Faust", and this information ALONE makes this book a MUST HAVE for those interested in pursuing what will certainly be a lifelong hobby, as it has been for him. If "Satanism demands study," this book is absolutely INDISPENSABLE.

Not only is this book right up there with the rest of the Satanic canon, but it is one of the most entertaining and informative books I have ever picked up and read, Satanism or no Satanism. I don't feel like I have even touched the surface of what this book has to offer. It certainly demands multiple reads.

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Essays In Satanism

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