Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wonderful Lecture On Sufism By Ziinayat Khan

Wonderful Lecture On Sufism By Ziinayat Khan Image
There are many concepts in this world which words can never explain, let alone define properly. Sufi or Sufism is a terribly misunderstood term both in east and west. The Sufi Idea is a reality, that has no form or ritual. As a result people fail to grasp the concepts about it. Sufism is a reality that transcend all doctrines, all faith or dogams. It can be called the religion of heart which is immersed in Love. For Sufis religion is nothing but the Beloved God. This lecture by Zia Inayat can help u realize the reality of Sufism in its essence.

Zia Inayat Khan is a very well known spiritual personality of our time. He is the grandson of Sufi Inayat Khan. He gave this lecture in the 2005 Sufi Conference. The lecture is infused with some very beautiful definitions of what really Sufism or Sufi is. In the process of explaining he also mentioned several beautiful sufi stories in the lecture which are worth listening.

The lecture can be downloaded by clicking here. Its a mp3 format audio file. File size about 44 mb. (right click on the link above and selcect Save Target As... to save it in the harddisk).

Thanks to for giving the permission to host the lecture's link on this blog. More audio lectures can be found here. I would recommend you to listen the lectures by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

The GoldenSufi Center is located at Inverness, California, USA.

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