Friday, April 22, 2011

Religion Belief Natural Healing In Islam

Religion Belief Natural Healing In Islam Image
60 min. from Mon Feb 21 00:00:00 PST 2011 Show - Did you know that a lot of the natural remedies of today have a basis in religion. All religions from around the world agree on the healing powers of things in nature like herbs, spices, honey, and even fresh water. Last year, I was searching for a natural remedy for my son's skin rash and came across Hakim Archuletta, a health expert and homeopath who happened to be visiting Bahrain at the time. What I learnt (and am still learning) from him is better than any education. Hakim has a beautiful viewpoint of natural healing and puts it all in the context of the teachings of Islam. In tough political times like these, Hakim shows you a side of Islam that the world rarely sees. People of all backgrounds can benefit from this! You'll know what I mean when you listen to this fascinating episode.

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