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Religion Belief Georgilambert The Western Esoteric Tradition

Religion Belief Georgilambert The Western Esoteric Tradition Image
Georgia Lambert joins us on the program to talk about her Esoteric Studies, Eastern and Western disciplines, The Chakra System and The Third Eye. Topics Discussed: Military Background, Art, Boeing, Spiritual Work, Art, Max Philperrish, Vedanta, Yogananda, Mithras, Freemasonry, Co-masonry, Balance to Secret knowledge, Secret Societies, All Secrets Revealed, Conscious Dissemination, Philosophical Research Society with Manley Palmer Hall, Mithras, The First Woman to Address the Higher Degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Modern Round Table, Thelma Moss, Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology, Chakra Points; 21 minor centers, 41 minute centers, Labors of Hercules, Arthurian Legend, Universal Archetypes, Royal Arch Degree, Star Charts, Andromeda, Persueus, Mythological Stories, Religion, Catholic Inquisition, Islam, Update the Mythology, Science, Karma, Reincarnation, The Initiatory Path, Georgia's Online Class and much more

Red Ice Creations Radio - Georgia Lambert - The Western Esoteric Tradition

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Religion Belief Islam And Women

Religion Belief Islam And Women Image
The beautiful and BOLD QATARI GIRLS will come wearing very chicki, some wear casual with tight jeans, and also you won't be able to recognize them as local girls and people mistakenly think they are Lebanese, for those curious guys out there, if you are interested in knowing the name of the nightclub and the hotels, with a promise that you will take me to dinner in an Italian restaurant, QATARI GIRLS raised, studied and currently working, even though you never liked living here and had a different mentality than other QATARI GIRLS in here, of course as a Qatari girl there are rules coming from the original religion, culture and the traditions also that have to be followed but you never cared about any of it, you don not break any of them on public, but I think everybody should have the freedom to do anything they want and as a Muslim but I don not do everything Islam ask for, and simply because I don not believe in it, like Hijab, the sky is the limit for me it is my choice and my decision to what have to do it and is not just QATAR is who are rattled, so now see the beautiful pictures form the QATAR GIRLS around the world.

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Hindu Prayer Beads

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* One Of A Kind Unusual Exotic Gift Protection Amulet
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Tietan Wolf Tooth, yak bone ring red sandalwood mala blessed by Lama in Nepal. From the roof of the world. The most mysterious mystical place of legend! The ultimate conversation piece for you. Traditional craft passed down the centuries, precious materials sacred stones woven into a magical spell. A sacred keepsake for your spiritual journey. Native crafts help support Nepalese Tibetan refugees. Reiki Tummo energy blessing added for health happiness. Wolf teeth Shells are our ancient amulets. To protect, impart courage to help ancient ancestors rise to super human stregnth endurance in life and death situations. The Tibetan wolf, woolly wolf, is a subspecies of grey wolf native to Central Asia from Turkestan, Tien Shan thr

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Death And The Dervish Tale From A Bosnian Sufi

Death And The Dervish Tale From A Bosnian Sufi Image

I call to witness the ink,

the quill, and the script,

which flows from the quill

I call to witness the faltering shadows of the sinking evening,

the night and all she enlivens;

I call to witness the moon when she waxes, and the sunrise

when it dawns

I call to witness the Resurrection day and the soul

that accuses itself;

I call to witness time, the beginning and end

of all things - to witness that every man always suffers loss.

I BEGIN MY STORY FOR NOTHING, WITHOUT BENEFIT FOR myself or anyone else, from a need stronger than benefit or reason. I must leave a record of myself, the chronicled anguish of my inner conversations, in the vague hope that a solution will be found when all accounts have been settled (if they may ever be), when I have left my trail of ink on this paper, which lies in front of me like a challenge. I do not yet know what will be written here. But in the strokes of these letters at least some of what was in me will remain, no longer to perish in eddies of mist as if it had never been, or as if I had never happened. In this way I will come to see how I became what I am - this self that is a mystery even to me. And yet it is a mystery to me that I have not always been what I am now. I know these lines are muddled; my hand trembles at the task of disentanglement that I face, at the trial I now commence.

Here I am everything: judge, witness, and accused. I will be as honest as anyone ever could be, for I have begun to doubt the sincerity and honesty are one and the same. Sincerity is the certitude that we speak the truth (and who can be certain of that?), but there are many kinds of honesty, and they do not always agree with one another.

My name is Ahmed Nuruddin. It was given to me and I took what was offered with pride. But now, after a great many years, which have grown on me like skin, I think about it with wonder and sometimes with a sneer, since calling oneself "Light of Faith" (nuruddin in arabic means that) evinces an arrogance that I have never felt and of which I am now somewhat ashamed.

How I am a light? And how have I been enlightened? By knowledge? By higher teachings? By a pure heart? By the true path? By the freedom from doubt?

Everything has been cast into doubt, and now I am nothing but Ahmed, neither sheikh nor Nuruddin. Everything has fallen from me, like a robe or a suit of armour, and all that remains is what was at the beginning, naked skin and a naked man.

- quoted from "Death and the Dervish" by Mesa Selimovic.

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The Buddha Was A Hindu Right Wrong

The Buddha Was A Hindu Right Wrong Image
THE BUDDHA opposed the Vedas (Hinduism's sacred texts). He was part of a (shraman)movement that opposed the brahmin priests. The situation is mirrored later in history when Jesus opposed the temple priests (PHARISEES and PHILISTINES) and revitalized and utterly transformed ancient "Judaism" (collectively speaking, Old Testament views and oral traditions).

The Buddha went against the stream, against the religious authority of his day (temple brahmins and other ascetic schools, such as Jainism). His realization transformed India and the world. It actualized the Vedic Brahmanism of his day. That Brahmanism gave rise to Hinduism, which owes much to the revitalizing influence the Buddha started. There was no "Hinduism" at that time.

The Buddha was not a Hindu. SRI SHANKARA (788 CE-820 CE) systematized and founded what the British later dubbed "Hinduism" (the disparate and incomprehensibly diverse practices and views from the Indus River Valley). Shankara organized the commonalities and developed sets of beliefs we would now recognize as "Hindu." But he was very antagonistic towards Buddhism. He reduced the Buddha to a avatar -- an incarnation of the God Vishnu.

And brahmins, to reassert their top status (called into question by the noble-warrior caste Buddha and shramans), invented the story of Vishnu coming down to mislead purposely mislead people away from "Eternal Dharma" (an epithet Hinduism uses for itself). The average Hindu has no idea about any of this. They simply regard the co-opted Buddha as yet another holy man, sage, or avatar, of which there are so many in Hinduism as to stagger the imagination.

Hindu founder Shankara did all he could to destroy Buddhism in India, and Muslim/Islamic marauder completed the task. But by then Buddhism had already become a universal missionary religion, that went on to inspire and lend much to the Earth's two other "world religions," Christianity and Islam. (EXPLORING BUDDHISM AND HINDUISM MAGAZINE)


Dr. Lal Joshi (BPS, Wheel No. 150/151)

Dr. Joshi replies to certain Indian scholars who have criticized Buddhism, and others who have put forward the theory that Buddhism is simply a form of Hinduism or an offshoot of it. His thesis broadly falls under five heads, namely:

(1) The Buddha was not "born a Hindu" because Hinduism in its present form had not emerged at the time of his birth; (2) before the time of the Buddha the religion of India was Vedic Brahmanism, but alongside the Vedic tradition there was an ascetic ("'Sramana") stream of religious thought and practice having its origin in prehistoric times; (3) it is to this "'Sramanic" culture that Buddhism has its closest affinity; (4) Hinduism grew out of a fusion of Vedic Brahmanism with Buddhism and other "'Sramanic" religious trends; (5) although Buddhism acknowledges an affinity with the "'Sramanic" cults, it is nevertheless a unique product of the Buddha's direct insight.

Dr. Joshi (professor at the Dept. of Religious Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala, India and visiting fellow at Harvard Univ.'s Center for the Study of World Religions, Cambridge, Mass.) is not the first to have pointed out the more obvious of these facts. But he brings to bear on the subject an impressive erudition and has supported his arguments with a great deal of painstaking research.


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Taoism Worship Of The Unhuman The New Exoreligion Andrew Hennessey

Taoism Worship Of The Unhuman The New Exoreligion Andrew Hennessey Image


the new ExoReligion

Andrew Hennessey

In analysing the strategy of Exopolitics as a movement it had been seen to be a whirlwind romance with the public by a circus geared at alleged Disclosure and conducted by teams of rational highly educated people who appeared to be working for the greater public good.

Then suddenly things went into freewheel and no longer welcome were people complaining of bad or evil behaviour from negative non-humans.

I was literally followed between net groups by some vindictive individual telling me and everybody else that I was lying about negative Ets, and that all aliens were good and he was backed up by a small army of adepts who proclaimed that only negative people had bad things happen to them and they got what they deserved because of that.

Which actually does in a perverted way confirm that they believed there were negative aliens doing bad things - its just that the people that mattered didnt get harmed.

No, the chosen [and you would know them by their fruits] were the next generation of young people - the incoming root race - the special starseeds, the hybrids, the diamonds or indigos or violets or whatever and it doesnt matter that some people are being brutally dehumanised [Schroeder P] or sadistically injured by frankly demonic thugs.

But how dare we demonize the demons - they just do what they do and as long as they aint doing it to us then were special etc.

So having also checked with Amnesty International in London I found out that human victims of alien human rights abuse have no credence with them.. I decided to stop legitimising the Exopolitical movement by lending it the benefit of the doubt and my credibility.

Watchers of the ideologies of the New World Order have long known about the Gaia hypothesis and been suspicious of unwarranted eugenics white papers issued even by my childhood hero the marine biologist Jacques Cousteau - who doesnt say nice things about people like me to the United Nations. Indeed hes somewhat not unique in that respect - or, disrespect.

The global mother religion that emerges out of the Gnostic, illuminati and Theosophical teachings has a somewhat elitist, eugenics edge to it, but at its heart for it to tie in the Extra Terrestrial with the Terrestrial it has to be essentially a religion which de-prioritises the unique in the human condition to level it on a parity with a goldfish, hive drone or squid.

There are indications from the activities of Dr Salla in exotic Hawaii that progress is being made in developing exopolitical high Intelligence non-human channelling and communication with Dolphins and Cetaceans.

Dont get me wrong - there are wonderful tales of tribes of dolphins intelligently saving human swimmers and towing them etc and its a source of total dismay to me that one of the most beautiful species on this planet, the whales are regularly slaughtered by whalers.

The need to worship non-human form or indeed unhuman formlessness emerges out of the elitist debate that we lesser humans got it wrong and need to get our minds right and could learn better lessons from the natural world. [Though its been on natural history programmes that tribes of dolphins also kill other dolphins not of their tribe.]

This raft of ideas that emerge from the maltreatment of innocent and intelligent non-human life tends not to point the fingers of blame at Icelandic or Japanese marine industrialists but the average man on the street - currently struggling with artificial plagues and plagued by bogus untested cures for them.

The culture of blaming humanity for the wars and the pollution is an elitist and frankly inaccurate and dishonest activity - and although Sean Connery states in a recent green bank advert for Agricole - `its time for common sense that new sensibility doesnt incorporate the liberating new paradigm of free energy. To regreen our world - the useless eaters have to go - goes the rhetoric.

Forget that to withhold free energy from us is to deliberately withhold paradise.

It becomes obvious that green tax issues are an elitist socio-economic and ultimately anti-human conspiracy after the English university leaks that sparked climategate - the scientific conspiracy to suppress the damning data that contradicted the need for such debt-inducing and severe green taxes.

The other obvious issue of making the world human free and green doesnt actually account for the elitist suppression of easy to produce free energy technologies. The latter have a tendency to get closed down.

The Gaia emergency allegedly caused by human activity could easily be repaired by human activity given the free energy that would be able to do so. Free water and air filtration, free disposal and processing of pollution, offworld agriculture and hydroponics etc etc and a total end to the era of internal combustion technology on Earth.

Where is that humanitys fault ? as what after all is at the top of the pyramid with their all-seeing eyes fails to be human and is happy to say so with its horned hand salutes under all flags and banners.

From e.g. Faraday, 1890. Tesla, 1910, Townsend Brown, 1938, De Palma, 1992, Searle, 1999, Latham, 2009 etc etc a veritable parade of heroic striving souls wishing nothing but the best in free energy for their fellow humans.

Us humans therefore are a beset artificially controlled and suppressed species and caught between a rock and a hard place and are now being asked to shake claws with our brothers the lobsters.

Gaias children therefore include all life - everywhere on Earth and no doubt this goddess being is totally tuned into other planetary consciousness and hives and collectives and soul groups.

Not really an enwombed mother therefore, but an archetypal metaphysical process from which emerges all life - including the non-womb e.g. insecta and the hive related bees, ants and wasps.

First step there though if we were inclined to take that journey is to embrace our dolphin brothers and sisters who have gone out on a limb for us many times defending innocent humans from sharks etc and have huge brain capacities and enormously evolved intelligence. I do do that - love Gods creatures.

I wish to do them no harm, near far, wherever they are, and on whatever planet or reality pocket, I believe that our hearts will go on [personally, in Christ] and I respect their right to worship whatever being or beings they see their Creator with.

I also wish that some would reciprocate that love and respect for my human dignity and the human lives and souls of others whom they demonically persecute against their wishes and will.

In order though to create a universal religion of being and consciousness that subsumes and assimilates the human in us to make us one with our brother or sister the seagull etc - we are going to have to deprioritise and disengage from the things that make us human and reduce the human genre to the level of a life process based on communal `electricity or lucis or lux. [Prof Hagar, Scientific and Medical Network]

Thats sad for I love the idea of the human family, I like the specialisms of the allegedly unbalanced female and the allegedly unbalanced male that make us wholesome and unique and beautiful. I love the idea of brothers and sisters that look human enough to empathise with my aspiration to society and who can as humanoid in form play musical instruments and write and sing and dance, converse and co-create and co-counsel and heal.

A human type soul-group is a unique and special club to belong to - and we make agreements to join it and to interpret our universe by its gentle constraints of form and grace and nurture and implement our exploration by the use of its human tools - many of which are by the mathematics of the golden mean attuned to our symmetry and form.

That is not to say that being a lobster is better or worse than being human - its just that I like a game of football or snooker or cycling.

I would like to live in a future free of loan sharks and shapeshifting reptilians that sneakily hide themselves away behind holograms.

Whats wrong with their scales ? looking human all day must be a monstrous restriction on their own sense of identity.

Beings need to be unique independent beings allowed the liberty to do their own thing. Me and my divine human family in Christ for example doing my own thing and finding eternal and abundant life force and life in my own harmless way John 10:10, John 15

Its not just my personally incomplete fascination with duality that enables me to enjoy the human genre. Duality is only alleged to be a source of depletion, but every transaction in every and any realm is governed by an exchange between an area of sufficiency to one of insufficiency - however high up the ladder of human or indeed unhuman reality we wish to proceed.

Even the discharge to nothingness is from something to nothing.

I prefer the New Testament on this one personally - from Colossians 1:19 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;

The insufficiency in these cosmic energy densities in which we currently live emerges out of hunger for energy and structural maintenance, by the use of nature red or blue or green in tooth and claw but duality is not merely about hunger. In higher realities these insufficiencies are merely the lack of right chords or instrumentation for your music, or choosing the right apparel for the right occasion, or experiencing a teak sailing ship in a beautiful lagoon.

Duality gets a very bad name.

Duality and partial separation of consciousness can be an act of contemplation and devotion to our Father. Not the instantaneous art of spontaneous magical creation of a vase of flowers by an allegedly evolved superconsciousness - but the respectful labour of the painter, in oils, a partially detached soul, giving glory and respect and honour to the minutiae of created life.

Love, I know, knows no limitation of forms or energy formats and I love many non-human beings and Im sure many have loved me over the years; from cats and dogs to Angels and Saints.

I am biased and partial to human reality and expect to be respected for that even by evil aliens. The new Exo religion though has no human prerogative.

Although much of mankind has been exposed to the animorph kingdoms of Walt Disney and human projections into the activities of the animal kingdoms through the media I believe that the aliens have a more sinister motive than merely ecumenical and cosmic education pertaining to the eternal dance of forms.

For the NWO Exoreligion to roll out, those beautiful unique quirky individual things that make a human being special will have to go.

So once some lobsters and humans and seagulls and zetas have been put in the big ideological blender - the great equaliser - whats left then is a communal soup of life force and electricity.

Gone at this point are the inequalities of violin playing or the demands of the artists easel - instead we take a voyage into formlessness and become everything - and nothing, contemplating other more armless pastimes.

My own personal problem with this is that I still have so very far to go as a violin player that I might feel somewhat unfacilitated by my Father should I lose my arms in some sort of matrix-blender.

I know my Father would not want me to be unhappy.

A farewell to arms doesnt mean a farewell to human grace, only to depletion and violence.

That is me though - the love of the human ideal family and the human ideal form.

For me Exoreligion gets off to a bad start - for seeing Mary mother of Christ converted and reduced to EcoMary on the New Paradigm Academy website didnt encourage me to be thinking of ideal human family relationships and human family nurture and society and creativity and recreativity.

In the New Paradigms Institutes rendition of EcoMary we have the echo of the out of sorts Boylan and his fictitious alternative marians [Mary ans] or Altimarians. Even the dubious proclamations of Boylan appear to originate from the same source.

The Exos seem to have a thing about diminishing the Virgin Mary.

The final phase though of the Exopolitical NWO exoreligion roll out is the Borg-like assimilation philosophies of the Transhuman Movement

and their matrix upload plans so well outlined by Drew Hempel.

There are some borg- transhumanists in the woodwork in exoland - but they maybe need a bit more emphasis on non-human life of a natural kind before we can all be ideologically processed enough to see ourselves as animistic bits of electrical datastream in an alien and posthuman mainframe.

The rollout though will probably promote the stripped-down anima before the anima in the machine.


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