Monday, May 16, 2011

Religion Belief Islam And Women

Religion Belief Islam And Women Image
The beautiful and BOLD QATARI GIRLS will come wearing very chicki, some wear casual with tight jeans, and also you won't be able to recognize them as local girls and people mistakenly think they are Lebanese, for those curious guys out there, if you are interested in knowing the name of the nightclub and the hotels, with a promise that you will take me to dinner in an Italian restaurant, QATARI GIRLS raised, studied and currently working, even though you never liked living here and had a different mentality than other QATARI GIRLS in here, of course as a Qatari girl there are rules coming from the original religion, culture and the traditions also that have to be followed but you never cared about any of it, you don not break any of them on public, but I think everybody should have the freedom to do anything they want and as a Muslim but I don not do everything Islam ask for, and simply because I don not believe in it, like Hijab, the sky is the limit for me it is my choice and my decision to what have to do it and is not just QATAR is who are rattled, so now see the beautiful pictures form the QATAR GIRLS around the world.

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