Monday, November 21, 2011

Agnosticism Nutball Alert Atheist Neil C Reinhardt

Agnosticism Nutball Alert Atheist Neil C Reinhardt Image
I get mail from atheist nutballs too.

Neil C. Reinhardt is officially an Atheist nutball. Anyone who sends me an email offering helpful advice while criticizing all atheists is suspect to begin with. I could tell he was slapping at me because of my unfavorable coverage of the Tea Party. I did not realize he was a rabid Tea Party apologist, although a simple Google search would have confirmed it. Check out Neil C. Reinhardt shows his true colors.

Neil's first email was helpful yet disturbing:

"Hello MoJoey,"

"I like your blog!"

I suggest IF you are not a member of the "Freedom From Religion

" you contact them (link below) and get a copy of their great

monthly newspaper "Freethought Today"

It usually has two pages contaning MANY cases of where some member of

the Clergy is doing something illegal and/or wrong.

And of course, IF you are not a member of it, I hope you join as the

more members, the more they can accomplish,.

As you are in the LA area (as I am) and IF your not a member of

"Atheists United", (link below) you may enjoy their monthly meetings

and/or various functions.

I am a member of both to those as well as "American Atheists" (link

) and the "Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers" (link


Sadly, I find MOST Atheists ONLY use rational thought, critical thinking

skills and little things called "Facts" on the existence of one, or more

gods, On nearly any other subject, they, just like the far right

Christians who deny evolution is a fact, simply deny any facts which

prove they are wrong.

At least the Christians have a valid reason for being stupid and denying

facts as they were programmed to do so. The Atheists who do it (and it

is, sadly, MOST Atheists, have NO valid excuse for acting very


I Thank You for your time

Please, Take Care!

Neil C. Reinhardt


"A 76 year old Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Airborne

Vet and an Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Beach VolleyBall Playing

Grumpy Old Son Of A Beach!

I really love Nature's Immune Boosting Healing "miracle" I've been

drinking and using topically since September of 1979 when I was 62.

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I read Reinhardt's email and responded with this:


"Thanks for the email. I'll join the Freedom From Religion foundation. I think I might enjoy the magazine."

"I must admit you are the first Atheist Tea Party member I've ever met. What draws you to them?"

"I'm a libertarian myself and find the Tea Party a bit over the top. "

Instead of answering my question, Reinhardt seized the opportunity and attacked. I love the hasty generalizations.

Hello Mojoey

You are welcome, I just got ffrf's latest

edition yesterday.

MOST Atheists ONLY use Logic, Reason, Knowledge, Facts and Critical

Thinking Skills ON the existence of one. or more gods. On ANY other

subject, MOST Atheists have their heads so far up their asses it is a

wonder they can still breath.

They are either TOO LAZY to get off their ass and do the research to get

sufficient facts to assure they know what they are talking about AND/OR

they are just TOO DUMB to be able to comprehend what the information

they (supposedly) researched

actually means.

Sadly, and based on your comments on the Tea Party, it seems you are a

one of them.

I can assure you there are quite a few CONSERVATIVE Atheists who support the Tea Party's basic tenets. MOST Atheists are TOO LAZY to find out what they are OR to do ANY research into it OR what types of people are Tea Party Supporters

Hell, I will bet YOU have NO clue what the Tea Party's basic tenets even

are and yet here you are making negative comments about them.

Which is VERY SAD!

Being a libertarian is like being a communist for the very simple reason

neither system will ever work in the REAL world where people have

different needs, desires, drives, motivation., etc., etc, Such systems can ONLY work IF EVERY person IN the system agrees to it,will put forth effort to accomplish it AND will be satisfied with the


Such systems are doomed to FAILURE as long as people are the way people


Please, Take Care!


P.S. In an effort to edify you, I am going to forward some e-mails. One

of which is why I feel I am more qualified to comment on things than

many others are.

Well... At this point I told him I thought he was nuts and asked that he stop corresponding with me. Threats, petty name calling, boasting, and emails attesting to his manly accomplishments soon followed. I made a police report after he threatened to shove a cactus up may ass. I also told him it was unwise to threaten me as I lived just 20 miles away. He and had been kind enough (or dumb enough) to leave his phone number and enough information to figure out where he lived in his emails.

I did not realize he was 76 years old, although it would not have changed my approach. I don't feel bad about egging him on because he is uncivil to the point where I am wondering if he has brain damage. And I did egg him on. It's easy to do the immature and the elderly.

So in answer to some of the questions he's never bother to ask - I'm 50, a vet, and as big as a small bear. I've attended a dozen Tea Party get togethers in several states. I find the movement incomprehensible and anti-intellectual. I also find it overly concerned with the legitimacy of President Obama and focused on Christian social issues. So yes, I've done my homework. The Tea Party is nuts and so are the people who attend the stupid meetings. I made my mind up based on facts and direct observation. The Tea Party is full of your type - angry irrational old men. Now go away. Technorati Tags: Nutballs,Tea Party

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