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Story From The Life Of Hafiz Of Shiraz

Story From The Life Of Hafiz Of Shiraz Image
Earlier in his life, Hafiz was a drunkard having little to do with religion. One day, he was staggering across the street, he saw a piece of paper in the gutter among the filth. Curious, he picked it up. The name of God was written on on it.

"Woe that I should see Your name fallen into such places!" Hafiz cried, brushed it off, and handled the paper with reverence. That night he had a dream.

In the dream, a voice told him: "Hafiz, you have raised my name from where it was, and I shall elevate your name among human beings." This is how Hafiz began his career as a sufi (mystic) saint and still today he is one of the greatest poet of all time.

- Quoted from the book, The Black Pearl by Henry Bayman.

This story touches upon the sufi concept of courtesy or adab. Courtesy contains: harmony/ gentleness (hilm), reverence (burmah), purity (safiyah), tranquility (sukuun), sincerity (ikhlas), modesty (tawazu), solitude (halwat) and spiritual poverty (faqr). Sometime courtesy in the path is also referred as right action arising from right thoughts. Spiritual progress without adab or courtesy in the first place is impossible; be it towards the spiritual master or scripture or the components of the religion.

... the hightest stage of courtesy is the highest destiny man can attain. According to a Sufi couplet:

Courtesy is a crown, made of the light of God,

Wear that crown, and be safe from all calamities.

- image credit / Hafiz Points Out A Poem In His Divan / Indian, 1019/1610 via Sufi Cookbook art gallery[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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